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Short Bio and business profile of Dr. Walter WERNER

  • Academic Studies (PhD): Experimental Physics, Thesis on specific propagation issues of Very Low Frequency Radio Waves. 
  • Professional Experience:
    • Designing and Implementing the full digital chain (from conception to production) in luminaire production (late 1980ies)
    • Introducing Smart Lighting into the luminaire business, designing a comprehensive Lighting Controls (brand Luxmate Professional) and guiding this offer to the market (business and technology innovation project, 1988 - 1993)
    • Sales support (main projects) and Innovation promotion (Lighting Industry): 1994-1997
    • Managing the Startup Luxmate Controls GmbH from scratch to European Lighting Controls Leadership 1998-2002  
    • Technology Management and Group R&D optimization after a major merger. (Lighting Industry 2002-2004)
    • Managing and Optimizing R&D, Working Capital, Portfolio- and Product Management in times of clean up and Reorganization (Electric Infrastructure and Electric safety Industry , 2004-2006)  
    • Creating and Managing a Startup (Software Industry: Middleware 2006-2009)
    • Reconception and early realization steps of a Comprehensive Lighting Controls offer (Lighting Industry, 2011-2014) 
    • Teaching (Physics, Math, IT)
    • Business and Innovation Consulting (since 2009) 
    • Research on bringing Lighting Controls to the IoT world (European Horizon 2020 and National Austrian Projects  2015-ongoing)
  • Other Bio facts:
    • Married, two children, love sailing and bicycle tours.
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